The eagle has landed


Congratulations @Sunseeker :clap:t2:

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When’s the first flight then :slight_smile: bet your itching to get out with it.

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Wahay. Congratulations

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Congrats, you’re going to love that little monster! Bit of advice, get a really decent CPL like a polar pro, fixes the tendancy for overexposure on bright reflections. I never looked back :+1:


Gave it a 5 min flight at home and amazed at how much quieter it is compared to my P4 so just itching to get it in the air on Cannock Chase so be prepared @lc80 and @Staffy for a call…


Got a £50 best offer accepted today on a set of new sealed DJI ND filters nd4 to nd32 are these the same as you mention @Skandio

No not really, ND’s are great for reducing the light so you can better manipulate the shutter speeds (take a waterfall with sharp water, add the ND and you can get that gorgeous flowy effect), but a CPL is specifically to reduce the light reflected from the sun on surfaces. It’s rotatable so you can fine tune it to what you need to reduce in the shot. As I mentioned, I kept getting overexposure where I didn’t want it mostly white buildings in bright daylight, the CPL fixed it perfectly. If you don’t want to stretch to a PolarPro, then the Freewell CPL on Amazon is a good buy.


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Good deal on the NDs though :slightly_smiling_face:

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I flew mine for the first time this week feels quality
enjoy :+1:

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Thanks for that going to take a look now

Horaah! Champion bit of kit!! :+1:

Have you got a link to that CPL filter?
I need one for the Mavic 2 Pro.

Was just going to ask the same not sure which one to get

Filters? Who gives a damn about filters when you have a new toy and there’s bugger-all wind … anywhere!




Mavc 2 packed I’m outta here see u later dudes


Hi Chris yup here you go…

Things get a little different for the pro, I’m lucky enough to have both (bargaining with the wife is mo mean feat…this one cost me a shedload of camera kit for her) The pro has such a good sensor that you HAVE to buy really good glass. But the results…in my humble opinion, beat the P4Pro :wink:

Thanks Kevin,
I was just looking for the CPL on its own, I have a full set of Skyreat ND filters I bought a few days ago, but, alas they do not include just a straight CPL.
I have trawled around a few places but to no avail (yet).

leave it with me…

Hope the flight went well @Sunseeker!

When you’re back and you have a moment, please update your profile to add your latest addition to your ‘Drones Owned’ section :blush: