The eagle has landed


Hi again, go to amazon and paste this…

PolarPro Filters Mavic 2 CP Circular Polarizer – (Mavic 2 Pro only)

Puppies plums this one :wink:


ooooh where is that wind info from???


It’s actual wind, too … not some forecaster’s guess. :wink:


OP: we are off to Cannock tomoz to get some mountain bike shots.

I’ve got an Air and recently bought a M2P. Would appreciate some tips on where to fly generally at the Chase. PM me if you prefer…

We will be sticking to the edges of the Dog and Monkey trails tomoz but I’d like to find some more good spots if you know any?:+1:


Superb thank you! I’ve been relying on UAV Forecast app but it lies, lies I tell you, you get excited and arrive somewhere onlu to find it blowing a b****d and the bloody thing laughs at you


Being a weather forecaster is a license to tell total lies and never lose your job for it. I wish I’d known this when I was choosing a career!


You could’ve gone with a career in local government, a member of parliament, a politician, West Sussex Police…


I’ve seen them lose their jobs … never a weather forecaster! :wink:


Teflon Teresa’s doing well…


So far!


I see your point, Michael Fish is still doing it from the retirement home! Truly a thing to behold. :rofl:


So how did it go ? I’m off out today for a quick flight :slight_smile:


Well impressed a dream, I will be up there about 1pm how about you ?


Going up very shortly as got stuff to do later, going to try around the quarry area.