The End Of The Phantom Range!

Oh Dear,
Maybe we should all be looking for some cheap phantom’s.
(Picked this up from Facebook, cannot confirm if its BS !!)

Just to add some more info:

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ok get your wallets out and get some extra mavics they will be ten a penny in a few days
or a phantom 4 if you like
I was always into retro…

I got one if you want it Jeff !!

no don’t want to spoil the full set :grinning:

Na, I need a cheap Inspire for that!!!
Then I might get my Fleet Operators Badge !!!

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Whats the criteria for a fleet operators badge?

The badge and criteria are here …

I only have 2
i will go for the squadron splinter group badge



Granted! :+1:

Wondering if the fleet operator badge is likely to cut it with my wife as a justification for buying an M2…? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


go on you know you want to !!

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I do want to. Im going to wait until I can see some real world reviews though.

I’m about to stick a Syma X5HC and and a brand new Propel Atom that’s still in its box on Facebook marketplace. Found another cheap Tello!


Not enough range for my liking ?

The Syma is a cheap and cheerful thing I bought to crash with before buying something sensible. The Atom I bought as a present & didn’t use. Both just taking up space.

The Tello is a much better bet than either of them. Range is only 100m and 10m height, so not in the league of your squadron, but it’s a fun thing to muck about with. At only 80g it’s easy enough to add to the travel kit & will be good for FB videos / IG stories that don’t need the 4K resolution.

Still want an M2 though…


Love it :rofl:

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