The Foley's Birmingham Meet. Next Meet On 14th October 2023

Lol, no connection :grinning: I have worked there once many years ago.

It is a nice looking pub.

If anyone else is coming who have not yet told us, please do so we can print you a card off. We started off printing a pile of people who may have come and then thought. Silly us, just ask. Be nice to meet some new faces. Looking forward to it.

Have you got mine sorted?

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Ohhhh big decisions for those coming. You can have a serious think about this before you turn up but…

Those who will be wearing the name badge… When you get there you can even now choose what colour lanyard you get… Black, Blue, Green, Red or Orange.

Oh the suspense

Boo to alexa… “I only have weather for the next 10 days”…

Can I nominate the Ex wife, couple of 1000amps would do. :rofl::rofl:

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She can share it with my ex g/f.

A slight delay on replying. Just quickly checked and there were loads of messages. Between 3pm and 5pm on a sunday I scare people on the net who listen to me sing. lol So can be delayed. We take it in turns singing lol.

tentative for this one, I missed hull, it’s a 10am start so better with a 2hr drive, can blend in with other chores (wife, kids)

Well if you make it then it will be great to meet you. We will be up early enough to check weather and warn if it is bad here so people can make their mind up on the day. We will be onsite with a weather updates.

You can stick a red one on mine now! :smiley:

Weather permitting, I’ll be there with the wife in tow. I’ll bring my mini 3 pro with me :+1::+1:

Is the wife a GADC member or will it be a plus 1 card?

She is definitely a plus 1 card :joy::joy:

Hey I would like to say a big thank you for all who have shown interest in this meet. I hope the weather holds out for us all. Looking forward to it day by day as it gets closer. We got a busy week and a lot of travelling and this will be a great end of a week. Thanks to all who have supported this up to now. Thanks to all the people who tried to tell me to chill the **** out when working out dates and times and is this right and is that right. Just me. I know… soz. But the response has been greater then I imagined. Thanks to you all. The support is appreciated more then you think.
If it rains… I will be pissed at that. To those who are travelling a distance, I will try to keep this thread updated to the weather. I am going to be sitting in that field even if it is thunder and lightning for those who may make the trip. If you are going to be late and you think people are leaving, send a message and we will wait for you. If it starts getting dark then we may leave to go home. We are going to try to get there as early as possible. If you are going to be an early show, let us know so we can be there to greet you. If when you get there, you have difficulty finding us, just send a message here and we will help you. Not difficult though. From parking follow the path through the gate and down the hill and we are on the right through the open gap in the trees (see the vids)

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It looks like it’s going to brighten up again next week, but of course plenty of time for it to change.

Wind may end up being the biggest issue at this time of year, but those of us with smaller drones can just watch the boys with the big toys play. I defiantly can’t afford any new drones or camera equipment at the moment as about to re-furb the bathroom so I won’t be getting any temptations regardless of how impressed I am! :thinking:

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Yep sure…

Blue lanyard for me and a red one for Judy :wink::wink: