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If you’re not using the 9V pad then you might be OK…

I’d be cautious as more Amps with less voltage. Can you not use a 3S and lower the throttle limit in BF? It’s rated 3 - 6S, sooo… I dunno…

Fairly easy. It’ll be a cuttoff voltage. If you plug the fc and esc into your pc and run blheli, it’ll show what you can go down to.

Dumping this in a relatively random place… Brendan found this on one of my SD cards and insists it is the best video ever…

I have a question that feels a bit daft. I got 2 batteries with my E017, and I bought a 5 pack that listed as compatible with the same 150mah. However, I immediately noticed that the new batteries are slimmer and they are a whole gram lighter (5g Vs 6g).

The batteries both declare they are 150mah, but surely they should be the same weight, if not the same dimensions?
The one on the left is the original (8.5mm thick), the one on the right is the new one (7mm thick).

Left one looks puffed to me?

Well, I knew something dodgy was going on… I peeled off the BLL sticker… And it still says that it’s 150mah, but rather than 30C on the label, the batteries say that it’s 20C.

On top of that, I charged them up and, flight time is about 5-10 seconds. Seconds not minutes.

Packing these up and demanding my money back.

where did you buy them from :thinking:

Amazon, so returning will be fine

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Before I packed them all up, I put them all in the drone to drain the batteries (they had all fully finished charging) so they will be safer in transport.
3 of the 5 lasted 3-10 seconds.
1 lasted 30 seconds
1 lasted 2 minutes.

Maybe I’ll try the 220mah batteries… unless someone knows of a good place to get 150mah batteries for the E010 / E017? Most 1S batteries I find are 300mah+

I don’t trust any of the batteries on Amazon now… however, I’ve been looking around and wonder if anyone has the 300mah GNB batteries?
I’m looking here: 300mAh 1S HV 30C Lipo Battery for Moblite6 and Mobula 6 - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop
The specs on the site list the battery as 6.5g… does anyone have one of these and can get me a precise weight and dimensions?

This has me thinking, as the original batteries with the drone weight 5.98g… so what is an extra 0.5g between friends? I can butcher something on the quad to fit this!

I’ve got the happymodel 300’s and some GNB 300’s and 380’s

I fly the 380’s on the mobeetle, I find the flight time is a bit better, since the weight increase in marginal. Based of the OSD I get about 310mah usable on them due to the voltage sag, based of what the voltages are when I put them on to charge I could probably push it a bit further. I haven’t really flown the 300’s more than once or twice, but they both seem perfectly good batteries.

The GNB300’s are a fair bit shorter than the happymodel ones and marginally thicker. The happymodel ones in the image you linked look a bit shorter than the ones I have, closer to the length of the GNB ones.

They are all LiHV though so check the E010 can handle the slightly higher voltage (normally they can)

Yeah i bought some 4s 4 years ago. Never again.

Did your 6S’s turn up?

No. But Unmanned Tech gave me a full refund. But now I’ve splashed out on new goggles, I can’t afford any more yet :laughing:

So new goggles but nothing to fly :man_shrugging:t3:
If you want some batteries I’ll buy your new goggles for £300 :laughing:

Steady. Or I’ll tell your misses where your secret stash of cash tin is :laughing:

I’ve moved it :rofl::laughing: