The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!


Whenever I find these temporary pets in this energy depleted state, I feed them honey which they lap up frantically then watch them fly off. Try some honey :honey_pot: for your next encounter.:nerd_face:


Well, you learn something new every day! Great tip, thanks Lance!




Anything sugary will do, a bit of jam etc.


I decided to service my liferaft in the sitting room this morning. It looks perfect, no perished rubber, valves working OK, holds pressure perfectly. Then I accidentally set the bloody CO2 cylinder off in the shed! Numpty!


This is awesome!! I gotta try and duplicate!! I did try to photograph one of my drones with my other drone - but couldn’t find it and was too nervous!! I assume u did this with a camera -very very cool!


An amazing photo.


But - since you replied to the thread and not the post - we have (and, more specifically, the poster has) no idea as to which photo you refer. :wink:


Oops, sorry Dave, I had clicked on SpininB’s post and the photo came up and I thought I was replying to that.:grimacing:


Easily done.! :wink:


@ash2020 fantastic…I may get one for when I’m not speaking to the wife…

She can use it and I can sleep upstairs :rofl::rofl:


If I thought this would hand about for 30 mins, I’d get out of bed, grab the MP, and get out of the NFZ.
Since it won’t, I’ll go back to sleep.


I think sunrises in my area of the world are pretty amazing too from what I have heard … but they are just so darn early in the morning I have to rely on other peoples photos to convince there is even a sunrise :slightly_smiling_face:

Beautiful shot!! Thanks for sharing


I may have threatened to go and fly - but taking that without getting out of bed was always going to be about my limit … especially after having being awake from 3am to 5am.


Driving into landan this morning and must say the sunrise was really stunning but had both hand on the wheel doh…


Had to stop the car this evening to capture this sunset


Too right you did!!

Fantastic photo Joe :+1:t2:

Taken with a phone?


Had a similar site driving over the Pennines on my way home and again was driveing :cry::cry::cry:

But a lovely shot @joe.k


Lucky dog, great impromptu photo’s though :+1:


Yes … iPhone