The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!


thanks - they are worth it :slight_smile: All the love they give unconditionally


I’m a member of the GSD club too. Here’s a pic of our Storm, giving it her best “I can be cute too” pose. She’s 11 years old now and still super playful. We lost her daughter, Vickie, to heart problems in February but we still have her son, Duke, who is 8 yrs old, huge & intimidating but a softy with us and the cats, :heart::broken_heart::heart:


Another “not even got out of bed” sunrise photo.


Just arrived back from Shakespeare country and popped into Warwick Church. Found these people having a long sleep.


I bet the fella sleeping alone is secretly smiling


He won’t get woken up with his other half snoring.


Who are they ? Or rather … was they ?


The bloke on his own was L. Ambrose, the Earl of Duddeley who was a favourite of Elizebeth was the 1st.
He departed this life in 1589.
The lady and gent in the middle of the Altar are Thomas Beauchamp, the Earl of Warwick, guardian of Edward (The Black Prince), Prince of Wales.
He died in 1369
His wife Katherine, the countess of Warwick lies at his side.
The other two effigy and a bit more colourful are of Robert Dudley d1588, the Earl of Leicester, and his wife Lettice, who was cousin of Queen Elizabeth 1st.


Thanks … just interested to know who was snoring .


Having not been alive then so I wouldn’t know, did they used to use sheep as feet warmers? “just asking like you do”.


Ok found this in the wardrobe
Only thing I need to sort is the controller fuse which blew when I tried to add a gimbal control knob so a bit of soldering
Also all the lipos have gotten a little fat… ooops


Ok now the batteries are being discharged …oops


Nice find Jeff!

AmaIng how little circuitry is inside the remote, compared to the Mavic Pro remote :slight_smile:


Interesting picture Jeff, even the transmitter frequency chip, 12.015 , I presume MHz.
Looks the same as in my Radio Mikes (Trantec) that I use, looks standard Crystal shape.


Little pup was one year old Wednesday.


Happy birthday not-so-little-now pup! :paw_prints:


He’s only 40kgs, he still has around 18 months to grow yet


Better hide the slippers now then. Lol


Well done, ours is 13 weeks and in the process of eating our house


Great Pics…and a fine addition to the Zombie Outbreak Response Team :metal: