The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!



What’s this @Asgard mate?


Taf Fechan Reservoir, Brecon Beacons…there is a narrow gauge steam railway running along the righthand side but it wasn’t out that day


Thank you.

That’s Ponsticill, Taf Fechan runs into and out of it, the railway is the Brecon Mountain Railway, both feature in my video below.

Nice photo @Asgard, what were you in to take it?


I’m trying to figure out if Trefil is visible on there :thinking:
Is this a recent photo?


@Asgard what were you in\on to take that photo?

Or was it taken from an aerial device , excuse my dumbness.

Great photo :+1:


MM, thx for the correction, it is indeed Ponsticill.
Great Video, have you been on the Train?, I have been a couple of times, I love how they let you go outside onto the little outside bit (no idea the correct term?) while its travelling and get a face full of smoke and ash, a refreshing change in these days of elf and safety bollox.

Rory, taken from a friends Skyranger Microlight, you can open the upper door/window in flight to get better pics, but it was a tad nippy that day


Thank you, No, I’ve not been on the train, I do plan on going on it some time though.


Back from the land of Cheese eating surrender monkeys


Nice one @Brian


Couple from this morning looking across Emsworth harbour. One from the blue hour and then the golden hour.


I see you’ve been to Blackpool, Brian :wink:


Lol. It’s not a bad little TV mast when all’s said and done.


TV Mast?, I thought that was your stand for the Satellite dish !.


Another from yesterday.

There’s no way to get the colours as they really were in the sky … but this is close.


From my iphone


Beautiful and shows that the best camera is the one you have with you :raised_hands:


kids project @ home is creating photo stories recently…


few older archive pics :wink:


This is Bailey, he loves playing with water!

So we got him a flower, keeps him amused for ages!