The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!


When iI was a Russian spy, I had to get some pictures of the inside of a British tank, this one was locked so I cut it in half!


When I was a tourist I wanted to get this sunset,

but then this lot came and spoiled it!


@RobbiePhoto arched bridge reflection photo, me like, thanks.


cheers, taken in Durham, 5 min walk from city centre


Nice walk along the beach this morning at West Wittering, near Chichester, before the clouds came in. No flying as a bit windy and drones are banned!




Pano’s taken with the Osmo pocket in Gran Canaria last week

Last one shows “do not move while taking a pano


cant wait for my next week off in Feb, see if the big lads about this year, another archive shot,
just out on a walk with the kids,
(sods law - camp out at 4am with full camera gear = no show Vs kids offer him an apple ! :smiley: )


Stag-gering! :wink:


Awesome photo @RobbiePhoto :+1:


Footpath near my village. Taken on my phone (then lightroomed the shit out of it)


@Longstride would be proud.



Love the clouds in that one fantastic


Love it! Great photo!


There’s a surprise…


If it doesnt look like a Mushroom trip, I’m not into it :slight_smile:


Some pics from when I went out to find the frozen lake for the winter challenge.

These were taken in moments of each other but just turning 180 degree’s.


Love that 2nd one


Great photos @BrianB, is the purple in first one added tint or was that the way the sky was? Either way looks great!