The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!


Love the first photo Brian, great low level perspective, really love that !!




Thanks Chris


Such an usual shot , never seem light trails from planes like that :raised_hands:


Love it Graham
What settings and exposure time did you use?


The trails are from aircraft arriving and departing BHX, I was under the departing aircraft flight line. The mass of white light between the two trails is the runway, If I remember correctly there are 3 aircraft landing and 2 taking off.
The photo was taken on an Olympus EM10 on live composite setting, this allows you to take many short exposures and merge them all into one composite image, this photo was about 360 1/2 second exposures merged together.


Thanks Graham good to know how things are done so peeps can adapt the process to there own camera


Very nice!


Really very interesting image! Like it.


Sunrise over Mogshade Pond. SO want to send my drone up there one day…


Loving the subtle colours :+1:




Here’s another composite


Brenin now 14 months old.


Off my phone


Nice :+1:


Nice one Colin


So this happened over the weekend…


Congratulations my man!! :smiley:


Cheers mate, feels odd being a dad again, not going to get dramatic but we nearly lost him last night so he’s back in hospital with his mom at the mo and I’m just starting to process it a bit in the best way I know how, cup of tea, looking through photos and checking out woodcraft videos on YouTube.