The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!


Congratulations Pete, hope the little fella is back home soon, fighting fit.
Let us all know when we are going to wet the baby’s head :beers::basket::beers::basket::beers::basket::beers::basket::beers::basket::beers::basket::beers::basket::beers::basket::beers::basket::beers::basket::beers::basket:


Is his name going to be Mavic? :wink:



No, although now I’m kicking myself…:joy:


Congratulations to you all :+1::fireworks::balloon:


Thanks Micky, can go out whenever you like, no drinking and droning though! :joy:


Thanks very much Paul! :+1:t2:


Congratulations on the new arrival !!




When he’s older you’ll be able to tell him he “arrived by drone” and not a stork like all the other children.


Congratulations to you and the family @Pete


Cangrtulations nothing like being a dad. I have 5 now but I’ve been doctored so no more. Put it down to the telly not working. Lol. Hope everything works out all right with mum and lil one😁


Two house bricks work very well!.




Congrats @Pete
Hope alls well nice photo too


Thanks everyone! And yeah the wife has mentioned going for the chop but I really just don’t think I could, I hate hospitals when I NEED to be in one, let alone voluntarily going to one to get my Sirs decommissioned! No thanks! I’d rather just abstain and take up another hobby, I’m thinking woodwork.


It’s not a hospital job any more down to clinic in and out inside and hour job done. Then 2 days complete rest😀


Don’t forget the obligatory “Bag of Frozen Peas” !


The worst part about it is the anesthetic, don’t worry you only feel a small prick :rofl:


:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


Trying to bring this thread back on track :rofl:

Taken a couple of years ago with an iPhone 5S:


another day at the office
for those of you that like cars

4768_114814128734_520138734_2807761_8126455_n 4768_114814133734_520138734_2807762_4565593_n