The Great WHAT DO YOU FLY? Poll - Updated for 2018


I have a p3 pro for cinematography, a wizard x220 for freestyle fun, and a tiny whoop for rainy days.


Welcome to GADC, Rob! :+1:


Is that a phantom on a really big keyboard?:joy:


The SquaDrone brought up to date !


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Only 10! Mines a teenager :-):rofl:

What did you go for in the end? I can’t recommend the Air enough - amazing value


Some updated photos taken today.
I’m thinking of downsizing soon :thinking: Maybe :wink: :grinning:


Show off…


Thought I was bad enough Richard !


Yeah, I know, it just happened, I wanted a motor for the Inspire, saw the bundle of two and lots of gear and made an offer.
I then found out the same motor is the same on the other two, idles at a slower speed :grinning: