The magic and drama of England and Wales captured from above

There’s no mention of registered drone flier or anything else that I can see in the article.
Nice pictures though.

A quick search would suggest he does not hold a pfco if that’s what you mean?

Pfco, that’s what I was looking for

Sorry guys but - are you really searching for FACTS in the Daily Mail?

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Not sure I see your point here @Abacus

Have I missed something?

Should there have been? :man_shrugging:

Some of his photos look like they were shot way above 120m.

Now you all made me click on the Daily Mail. Bastards.


But your man’s not wrong. Some do look a wee bit high. The NT might whinge about the Stonehenge shot too.

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It’s such a shame that they have disabled comments… I would love to remind the same l readers of the daily mail of the comments made about drones and drone pilots on this article