The one that got away

I had a long weekend as I booked Friday and Monday AND Tuesday off work (sweet, eh!)

So we just had to visit the Lake District and try to get some awesome photos.

The mavic batteries weren’t charged so I took them out of my carry all bag and set to charging them in the study.

My GF took the task of finding some locations and she excelled herself laying out a clear itinerary culminating with a nice spot near Wast Water.

The batteries still weren’t charged when we set off so I transferred the charger and batts to the 12v socket in the boot and we set off.

We got some lovely landscape shots using my trusty DSLR at various locations and then headed to the lake.

We parked in a nice spot and waited for a perfect opportunity to get airborne

The moment came and I knew the batts were good to go so I got the MP from the case…

well, I WOULD have done, had I remembered to put the bloody thing back IN the bag in the study!

So there I was with three fully charged batts and no bleeding drone.

So…the one that got away is THIS kind of picture…

Maybe next time… :frowning:


That’s why we are called the grey arrows
But I can’t remember why…


That’s the sort of thing I would do. Beautiful shot though

Hmmm! Unlucky re the drone but OH MY GOD what a stunning shot of Wastwater :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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The GF would have been happy. More time to devote to her.