The practicalities of the 400' AGL limit in the mountains


Well described, Harbrimar. Your drawing makes it quite clear.
Untill recently it was a slightly different matter in the UK and full size could fly as low as they wanted as long as it was spaced 500ft (horizontaly, verticaly or at an any angle) from any vehicle, structure or building, in other words if you were over water with no boats, lighthouses etc or swimmers within a 500ft virtual sphere around your aircraft you could legaly fly at 10 feet if you were daft enough, likewise over a desolate land area.
But we have since adopted (a version of ) the European SERA 500ft rule, which to my understanding is as you have illustrated

thanks for posting the clear drawing


Thanks for the insight, your reference to being ‘actually up in the sky looking down’ resonated with me.


Hello Harbrimar

I as wondering if you had any experiences and of flying in the mountains following this discussion last year.



Hi Ronidog
Unfortunately went through a bad spell with chest infections & ended up with Pleurisy, so kept me away from the hills for a while. Hopefully, will be signed off by the doc next week and will be heading up to Llanberis. I would like to have a go a filming the old Dinorwic quarry with my M2 Pro. I have been up and down there a few times in the past and it’s a fascinating place (just need to avoid the security patrols!).


Sorry to hesr about your illness. I hope thongs improve and you can get out there soon. However given the curent weather it will not be nice in the hills.

Thanks for replying. I wanted to know how you were gettingbon in the hills as I was going to ask you a few questions. I am about to help some friends in ther research on the slopes of hills in the dales, using the drone for still shots.

The Old industrial sites like Llanberis are fascinating. Unfortunately too many have been tidied up too much for really intersting photos.

Good luck next week