The Queensferry Crossing

I headed to the Firth of Forth this evening to try and get a sunset shot with the three bridges in it but the weather didn’t play ball. The sunset just didn’t happen but was good to get a look at the TOAL @stridingsandal had recced earlier in the day (an area on the north side between Edinburgh Airport and Rosyth Naval base FRZ’s).


No sunset but very nice pic John :wave:t2:

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Thanks Gavin. Yeah no sunset, it did look like it may happen then just got grey and dark. Maybe next time :+1:t2:

Maybe another suitable TOAL spot?


Is that area by that old & tiny lighthouse?

If so, I parked the other side but only used my big camera for a bridge shot as didn’t trust the number of planes buzzing down the forth.

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Yeah, I saw that photo on Twitter this morning as I follow John, looks like a good spot.

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Great photo - I like that you’ve also achieved motion in the water with your shutter speed. Did you use an ND filter ?

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Hi, thanks. Nope, no ND filter. The light levels were actually pretty low as this was shot about 20mins before sunset.

Good shot. Nice to see that the drone held steady for you. Do you know what the shutter speed / iso settings ended up as ?

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I had my shutter speed around 1/200sec, so this was shot at f4. There was a fair bit of movement in the water so even at 1/200 it has blurred slightly.

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