The Ribblehead Viaduct by 4K drone - 25-02-19

A perfect day, perfect weather, perfect everything. Sat there in me t-shirt, 18 degrees, and this years first catch of the sun on my face. I’d appreciate feedback on this footage chaps!!!


So much to like about that vid.
Great views of the whole vicinity … not sure I’ve seen that before.
Great low lighting on the stone in the structure showing the texture.

But - 4k? Not for me …


Have you colour graded this, it has an almost ‘Westworld’ AI look to it.

I like.


Thanks for that! Getting bored of powerdirector now, supposed to be 4K, said something like full resolutions sometimes not available immediately on newly posted vids. I can only see 360!!! Huff

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I never post to YT direct from the video editor … it’s fraught with issues.
I always render locally, check, then manually upload to YT.

Still like the vid, though! :wink:

A very light grading Chris, I boosted the vibrance a tad on some bits and used a neutral LUT to level colour correction across them all as a few washed out. But its pretty much the light at that time. It was heaven to fly that day

I shall give that a go sir!

You need a Mac @OzoneVibe, theres a lot to be said for the software developer being the hardware manufacturer ;o)

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I’ve used them - still wouldn’t post direct to YT from an editor.
Why waste all that upload time if there’s an issue they could be detected from a local render first? Takes only seconds longer that route if everything’s fine - saves a load of time if it isn’t.

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Nicely done Kevin
We had a meet up there last year great place to fly even better when you get the trains :steam_locomotive::grin:

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Would have been great if when going through the arch you could have looked up!


Thank you, I’d love to get together when the club has a meet up day, get some faces to the names!!!

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You know what, I keep forgetting the mav can do it, I saw this mount for the top which is really clever for the gopro on ebay, I think that’s a really good idea…I might just have a crack at it, ta !!

Great vid - I particularly like the way that you have shown the surrounding landscape, thereby helping to put this amazing engineering feat into context.

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Thanks, I thought (as I enjoyed the sunshine :blush:), what a desolate place… glad it came through in the footage. It’s a shame I only used a third of all the stuff I got that day.

That’s what usually happens
too sharp a turn speed up a shot and that twitch becomes a nightmare movement
Editing is a nightmare when you have that long pan and that slight adjustment while flying
Same issue here your not alone :grin:

The music really drives the images excellent choice and it really captures the light of a winters day

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Nice one! A masterclass in all the ways you can shoot a bridge! I was really hoping you were going to chase a train, and glad to see you food at the end! Nice ending to it too.

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Loved you video.

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