The trials of buying into FPV

After flying my betafpv tiny whoop for while, I’ve started thinking what I’d get next. I’ve picked up 2 websites from reading here and went for unmannedtech as quadcopter seem to stock mostly DJI equiped BNF units.

Set my sights on a Diatone Roma L3 PNF, goggles and a radio and then asked unmannedtech what receiver I should get from my choice of radio. Their advice of receiver is out of stock so I add myself to the wait list. A week later, it’s the quad that goes out of stock, now also on the wait list.

There I am, thinking I should have gone for a crossfire nano receiver and the tango 2 radio only to realise that this radio is on backorder too.

A bit frustrated but no big deal, I have some way to go before I get bored of the BetaFPV Meteor and it’s great to have something that tiny I can fly in the common down the road. Still think I should get better goggles with higher resolution and better suited to my long sighted eyes. Then I realise the ones I’ve chosen need a battery, either fatshark style of any lipo with xt-60 connector. I try a few battery packs and those with the right connector are… out of stock (and so is the fatshark style pack on the website)

The FPV drone market must be on fire, or is it ? Maybe it’s so tiny with a wide range of choices, not all compatible, you need to grab what you can find of items noone can afford to stock.


Brexit mate


That and the global shortage of semiconductors.

@DeanoG60 tango2 is stuck in Paris with incorrect paperwork :laughing:

Welcome to the world of FPV pal. Lol we are all in the same boat. Heres a list of vendors that I’ve used :+1:t2:

Cost more in shipping but at least one vendor should have what you want in stock unless it’s a tango 2 then good luck with that lol


Also don’t be scared of banggood shipping takes longer but I’ve used them loads with no issues.


Thanks for that, it’s good to know. If I can pay a bit more in exchange of some advice from a local seller rather than individual parcel shipping from banggood, then great but I’ve got to be pragmatic too.

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I know your pain :frowning:

I’m trying to get parts to build a Chimera 4, and the best I can find for the FC stack is Banggood who ‘expect to ship before 27th May’ - everywhere is just ‘out of stock/backorder’ unless I want to pay double the price on Amazon :frowning:

Similar story for BN-220 GPS modules - though at least banggood have shipped them already :slight_smile: ( 2 so I can retrofit one to my son’s Nazgul ).

Xing motors also enroute from China as all UK stockists were out of stock :frowning:

At least the airframe came from a UK seller ( Drone Authority ) and I already have a spare DJI Air Unit to shoehorn into it :slight_smile:


I’ll second that, Banggood have always been good to me :grinning:


I’ve bought loads from Banggood lately.

They’re slowly getting more in their UK warehouse too.

Delivery times from china are taking a couple of weeks right now.

UK warehouse have been shipping in 2-3 days.


Update on my deliveries from China…

The Xing motors arrived on the 8th
The GPS modules arrived yesterday ( one for my Chimera4, one for my son’s Nazgul 5 )
The FC stack is on its way to Royal Mail’s Warrington distribution centre today, so I guess it should be with me by the weekend :slight_smile:


It’s stupidly addictive too.

I now have 4 fpv drones (see below)
Several controllers
Lots of parts
Many many batteries
lots of accessories
A semi retired DJI mini 2
Empty bank account :tired_face:

Gotta say I love fpv though