The Very Special, One Time Only, 2 Till 4 Challenge

It’s all @DroneGeek fault, well, a little of the blame goes to @PingSpike too :rofl:

So today between 2pm and 4pm we want you lot to get out and take some photos or videos that express "disappointment " Any format and any piece of equipment will do. No prizes, no awards, no badges and only one rule. It must be carried out between 2pm and 4pm TODAY.


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Sorry guys :joy: :joy:

Can it be extended till 5 so I can have a grumpy face at another Liverpool loss. :joy:

2 till 4 it is, no extensions. We wouldn’t want to keep you waiting when you can have a grumpy face now? :rofl:

erm … NO :grin:

At 14:15 I shall be watching Wales vs Ireland, but the 15mins prior I shall be getting prepped for the game. Get the voice warmed up ready for the National Anthem and perhaps even a bit of illicit solo singing of Delilah!

11:00 Drone in boot ready to go out flying after nearly a week of bad weather, jump in the car to an almighty bang, front coil spring snapped.

13:30 After having a mare getting strut off with captive nuts spinning and seized components I sorted parts from euro to pick up and shoot to work and fit new spring using spring compressor tool etc.

14:00 Started stripping strut down at work to fit new spring only to find that they gave me a rear spring instead of front !!, even tho front was ordered, work shuts at at 14:30 :see_no_evil:.

14:30 Purchase correct front spring from another euro car parts near work and head to mates house to borrow a spring compressor tool.

15:00 Get to mates to borrow tool and he cannot find It.

15:54 Back home and take a pic of what caused me 5hrs of disappointment :disappointed:

And prob more tomorrow when I finish it off.

Can’t be resting on the plastic sweet box :joy:
I can’t see anything else

Edit maybe glimpse of axel stand to the back left :thinking:

So disappointed my plant based mozzarella balls were out of stock @ tescos. 14:26 today :cry:

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Plant Based Cheese :face_vomiting:

The one thing that made rethink the whole vegan thing after 3 years of living like a monk … and rejoin the dark side :wink:

Isn’t all cheese plant based :thinking::wink::joy:

Kind of - but it’s run through a cow first :wink:

In the same way all meat is, on that argument

It all comes out of the ground and goes back in :+1:

I’m vegetarian because I only eat corn-fed chicken :grin: I like that concept :rofl:

Grass fed beef too

Take this to its logical conclusion - plant-fed animals give us meat. What feeds the plants?


That’s right. Eat shit, m^^^er****ers! :slight_smile:

well it would appear that there were only two entries, and no poll. So that means I get to choose the winner :rofl:
@gunja99 can take his disappointment elsewhere. I mean, plant based mozzarella balls? Really?
Mozzarella is cheese aint it? Cheese comes from milk, which in turn comes from cows. Yes I know that cows eat grass, but that’s a whole different conversation, right?
The world has got all FUBAR, I have to watch what I’m typing now (I’ve already deleted my post 4 times) cos Mr Ping might be watching. So the non existent winners badge goes to @Kings . Not for having a busted spring cos that’s an easy fix, but for carefully using a plastic box of crappy chocolates to save his poor wee disc getting all scratched up. At least I really hope that’s its purpose? I’m kinda hoping he’s clever enough to realise that
A:it’s not a very good axle stand (cos it’s made of plastic and possibly full of soft chocolate)
B:it’s not very well placed to stop things crashing down on you if the worst should happen.

So Jim gets the mythical rainbow coloured badge, that doesn’t really exist, and is available by the way, to all 9 sexes that my daughters told me about ( they say there are others too but they couldn’t take anymore of my gestapo questioning), but also gets the much more freely available Darwin Awards Badge for incorrect placement of a box of chocolates to support the weight of something that can crush your skull. It also doesn’t exist Jim, so draw one on a bit of card. Get someone responsible to cut it out with a sharp pair of scissors and then stick a wee nappy pin to the back, wear it with pride dude!

Oh bugger, missed it. Oh well. Here’s what I was going to post.

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Ahhh damn. Well at least I finished second in a photo contest… Woohoo!

For the record I just decided to pick any random item that was out of stock at Tesco’s, that just happened to be the first one I came across. I eat meat every day!

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