The wait is over



Which app is that?

N/NE wind at 15mph. :dizzy_face:
That’s going to take a fair few degrees off the temperature !

It’s the ‘UAV Forecast’ app:


Some dry weather with a bit of sunshine! This is soooooo long overdue :+1:

Tomorrow looks even better. Much lighter winds. :+1:
Although cold.

Was just coming on here myself to say todays going to be my first flight of 2018!

Batteries on charge…and then update…

I’m enjoying myself. Photos live from the drone now Padstow Lifeboat Station.


Ye I gave the batteries a good warm up today before flying.

Great images, well done

Video is being worked on now. :sunglasses:

Looks like you’ve been having fun today @SharkBait :smiley:

Tomorrow is going to be too nice to miss the opportunity…so as I have my kids this weekend, call me a bad parent, but we are going flying :slight_smile:

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Was busy today, but will be out tomorrow.

Priorities @Andy_B !!!

Sounds like you’ve got them right :rofl:

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Video now live!
Don’t forget to click HD


Love this.

Heres a few pics from today… currently don’t have anything to edit a video on :frowning:

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I’ve subbed :slight_smile: great video, you live in a beautiful area.

Nice photos dude!