The weirs at Darley Abbey, Derby

I made a quick video of the weirs at Darley Abbey, Derby.
I have combined some 2.7k 60fps slowed down by 50% for the churned up water bits and mixed that with 4k footage, all synced with music changes.
Edited in Sony Vegas Pro 18.

I thought it would be interesting to fly just above the water but you certainly have to keep an eye on the drone when your near fast flowing water as the drone did start to get sucked down onto the surface at points. Also you have to keep a look out for birds, so many and at different heights as well as ducks and inquisitive Geese, you dont want a Canada Goose biting you on the bum while your trying to fly :slight_smile:

Enjoy on a big screen.



Was this you getting your feet wet


LOL, no thats a big rock that you can it as aI fly toward it at 02:55

Im on that mini sand bank you can see me and the orange H landing pad at

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Nice footage mate, I did some there in the summer defo test your nerve flying just above the water …lol

My mini also decided it wanted to land on the water :grimacing: :poop: but got it back ok

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Really nice film.
You’ll have to let me know next time and maybe we can meet up if you like, Oh and if it’s OK with Boris.

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Thanks, yes risky flying close to water, there was lots of ducks and other birds flying about at all different levels. Ouch you dont want to loose it in the water.

Thanks, I just threw that together as didn’t really have much footage and wanted to go back but it was windy all weekend so just bunged it together as is. you local?

yes, fairly local, I’m in Horsley Woodhouse near Heanor, not far from Morley Hayes. Not done much flying since lockdown though. Cheers Steve

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