The Wizard is here!

Look what arrived yesterday (to replace my recently lost nighthawk 280 :cry: …)

I didn’t go for the 220s purely because of the price difference
I might some time today to get it set up but the weather is sh*t so I don’t think it’s maiden flight day today

More to follow

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That box took bit of a beating though :open_mouth:

More photos please :smiley:

Delivered by drone? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the battered box thing is normal :open_mouth: I saw an unboxing video somewhere and the box looked pretty much the same :smile:

More surprising was that the spare props were packaged separately outside the box…

More pix to follow - haven’t a chance to unbox yet

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Right then, more pix:


Not concerned about the bashed up packaging - looks well protected with the foam casing

First mod: remove tie wraps securing ESCs and secure with electrical tape

Stick landing pads on:

I need to insulate the LED contacts - they look quite exposed - dab of clear silicon should do the job:

That’s it for now…

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That’s an impressive looking remote! :+1:


Sort of wishing I had battery on top. Mine is sandwiched between 2 carbon fibre plates and neoprene. Getting pretty scuffed up and feel it’s only a matter of time before it goes bang.

Fairly standard remote matey - I’ve got a spare one from the lost emax…

Will mount mine on top - easier to change over in the field

Wizardddd friieeeennnd :smile:


You flown it yet?

Yea. Had it for about a year now. My first proper fpv drone.
It’s starting to become a Frankenstein wizard though. And it will happen to yours. Lol.

I’ve changed the cam to a runcam swift 2 because the standard one is awful! You can make it better with a GoPro lens but the quality is still pants. Plus you get OSD so you can actually see your battery voltage.
I’ve changed the vtx after destroying the first one and located the antenna straight out the back instead of poking up vertical. Also on a circular polarised antenna.
The props that come with the wizard are ok to learn on but they break very very easily and they’re just not powerful enough. So buying new props is a must.
I’m now also on a frsky taranis x7 transmitter and changed the rx to a x4r just because after a while the fsi6 transmitter feels a bit cheap and you’ll outgrow it plus it’s not as responsive as frsky plus extended range.

Just recently started using 4S battery’s which again change the drone completely. It’s so powerful and nimble.


Some videos :blush:

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Sorry got you mixed up with @linners.

It’s not a wizard I’ve got. Just a 4s build I saw on ebay I fancied.

Still learning through crashes and Velocidrone.

I’ve got a qx7 on way from China.

Couldn’t see your videos mate

Which props did you swap for?

Hope these work.


Dal Props
Cyclone T5040C

They do different colours if you fancy changing it up from the usual purple. I just like the purple.

Those ones worked.

What did you record them with?

Hope I’m able to fly like that eventually lol

I have a GoPro session 5 mounted on the front.
Used to use a old hero2 strapped down until I got better.

You’ll get used to it soon. When you’ve got used to using angle mode/auto level all the time on a Mavic etc then it’s really hard to transition into acro mode imo.

Just takes shit loads of practice. I started flying in horizon mode (auto leveling but will let you do flips and rolls) and then Id practice acro on sims until one day it just clicked and a flew acro like I’d fly on a sim.
Search Joshua bardwell on YouTube he does a good like 12 part tutorial on acro flying on a sim and it really helped me get to grips with it mentally because he explains each stick movement and why.

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I’ll take a look at that.

I started with rate mode, felt more natural after flying helicopters for years. Use horizon mode for landing until I get better.

It’s keeping altitude and forward momentum I struggle a bit with.

Using velocidrone with my tx and FPV goggles on PC at moment, really good.

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