Thermal search training

First time out with 4 new helpers last night at half light for a training run using the Enterprise Advance.

Not the best conditions for a thermal search following record daytime temperatures, a high RH and a stiff blustery wind but the drone performed a lot better than I expected.

I arrived on site early and placed out 1 hot and 3 frozen items (all wrapped in cammo cloth) out of sight around the overgrown field edges. A few small white disposable hand warmers were also place around more in the open and these were found quickly. The others were more difficult to find mostly due to the conditions (surely not the pilots fault) but following a lot of hedge hopping and communications to and from the searchers by radio we manage to locate all of them.

One of the ‘searchers’ was actually stood on one item and it took a lot of persuading by radio for him to look under his foot! LOL

Practice makes perfect?

Here’s a short video of our capers. No target items are shown in this video apart from a freezer block being picked up by the female ‘searcher’ in the first clip.