Think this could be my best edit

I know I’ve filmed this location once or twice already but I think this one could be my best edit to date.


Absolutely fantastic. My favourite part was 1.00 to 1.37. Lovely music. Brilliant!

Thank you Karl for comments appreciate it mate. :+1:

Truly suberb :clap:
Everything is spot-on, enjoyed every moment of it
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

The best Frank . Top job .

Blown away Frank absolutely fabulous, you can go to the same place and make it different every time :+1:

Thank you Mark, its hard getting out further this time of year not enough day light hours, not to mention freezing fingers. :grin: Glad you liked it Mark appreciate your comments :+1:

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Thank you Steve, appreciate that mate. :+1:

Cheers Shane. :+1:

Its great. The tree in the river is amazing. The whole vid could have been 3 mins of the tree for me.
I just love how drones can bring out such beauty and perspective you just cant get in any other way.

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Thank you, I agree with you on that the simplest of things can make a great subject if the lighting is right. Thanks Jay. :+1:

Thank you for the kind comments, I’ve started a bit of a website to keep stuff together that I will build up over time. Its like keeping a photo album organised for looking back on. :grin:

Stunning footage! Really enjoyed watching this one!

Thanks Steve. :+1:

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