Think this could be my best edit

I know I’ve filmed this location once or twice already but I think this one could be my best edit to date.


Absolutely fantastic. My favourite part was 1.00 to 1.37. Lovely music. Brilliant!

Thank you Karl for comments appreciate it mate. :+1:

Truly suberb :clap:
Everything is spot-on, enjoyed every moment of it
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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The best Frank . Top job .

Blown away Frank absolutely fabulous, you can go to the same place and make it different every time :+1:

Thank you Mark, its hard getting out further this time of year not enough day light hours, not to mention freezing fingers. :grin: Glad you liked it Mark appreciate your comments :+1:

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Thank you Steve, appreciate that mate. :+1:

Cheers Shane. :+1:

Its great. The tree in the river is amazing. The whole vid could have been 3 mins of the tree for me.
I just love how drones can bring out such beauty and perspective you just cant get in any other way.

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Thank you, I agree with you on that the simplest of things can make a great subject if the lighting is right. Thanks Jay. :+1:

Thank you for the kind comments, I’ve started a bit of a website to keep stuff together that I will build up over time. Its like keeping a photo album organised for looking back on. :grin:

Stunning footage! Really enjoyed watching this one!

Thanks Steve. :+1:

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Well Frank .
I am going to be critical here .
No 1 your video is top notch
No2 the edit is top draw .
No 3 …I hate you .
No 4 , See you at Darwin soon .
I still hate you for your editing skills and your excellent flying and shooting skills .
I remember the hot tub take off with the Spark and you thought i was going to reprimand you , Ha … Meadows 4 is the place . The rest is history …


Ha ha thanks for the criticism mate, but I hate you more for being able to work at a place like Darwin Forest, call that a job more like a permanent holiday. For anyone reading this I met Shane whilst on holiday at Darwin Forest last year when I was new to drone flying, where Shane is fortunate enough to be able to work every day and whilst flying my spark from the Veranda of the log cabin which we were staying in he came round and I thought I was going to get a real telling off for flying in the holiday park. Instead Shane asked what I was flying and said he would bring his Mavic tomorrow. The following day he brought his Mavic and even offered to leave it with me to try it out. Top bloke, cheers Shane.



Thank you. :+1: