This is the coloured one

Hi guys, Some of you asked for a colored picture of the black and white one I posted a couple of days ago I found it so here it is.


To be honest I prefer this to the B&W, the green moss on the boulders is lovely, my comments about the exposure still apply, and getting the camera lower or angled down more.

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have you tried cropping it to a letterbox ,. maybe take out the sky and leave the bottom part upto where the v of the sky starts.



Had a very quick crop to use the rule of thirds on the stream and take out some of the background. The big rock at the front would be better further over as it draws your eye away from the rest of the scene.

Not the only way you could crop this, but just a suggestion.

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TBH never thought of cropping the picture, But it does make seance.

That my friend looks tons better, thanks for the idea.

Not yet but I think I will in the future.

Now thats nice mate, thank for the advice.

Yes mate, I used one of the light room presets.

That would be me ;o)

As others have already commented, this is much better than the B&W you posted earlier.

I think what a lot of people don’t understand is that removing the colour from a digital photo does not automatically make it black and white.

In the deep dark past (I only took up up photography in 1980 at the age of 12) shooting and more importantly processing and printing monochrome was a very different beast to shooting colour, you had to think a lot more about composition, metering was different and probably more than 75% of what made a good photograph was the quality of the print (or printer).

We see colour for a reason, use it to your full advantage, keep B&W in the past where it belongs (or for portrait work), and don’t get me started on that whole one colour highlighted in a B&W photo bollocks (you know the red phone box/yellow taxi type shite).

Get out and enjoy taking photos ;o)


B & W is difficult , it works when there is a strong point of interest. an example is steam trains


I cropped it like this


Why is it a png file?

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I like the crop on the image

Ok I was not aware of that, I have used that format when I want a transparent background for something.