This is what you need to fly in Spain

Hello friends.
I would like to help with this information.
I put it on another topic but I think you can see more here since luckily many of you visit us.

The exam is free A1 / A3 and A2.

Digital signature is required (the simplest thing)
Another way is “pin key” or “permanent key”

First they have to register as a UAS operator
It is also free.
This is the access

Once this process is done, they can access the registration for the A1 / A3 exam.
When they have approved they can access the A2 registration
Here they have access

I have only read (not studied) course A1 / A3 and I passed with 9.25.

The A2 certificate is difficult, but I studied it very well and I passed with a 9.

Once approved, you will receive a notification in your email to download your certificate (pilot card).

If you need help, you can ask me.


What about those of us who have the A1/A3 certificate already? Is there an option to go straight for the A2? Thanks!

Hi Yes.
It is the next step.
Anyone who has their A1 / A3 certificate can go directly to A2


its good but in Spainish

is their a English translation on test


Do not know.
The website has both languages ​​but the exam I don’t know if it has a translation.

There is no problem spending attempts.
But you could check if it supports another language.

You can renew the exam without problems.


Thank you … now who do we know in France to tell us the same ?

All of this free? The A2 costs there?

Wouldn’t the Spanish A2 work in all of Europe?

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I ve tried to find English but can not

Any clues how to

I see Spanish at top and English at the bottom of the pages …

got Macbook pro

we talking windows

El traductor de Google es tu amigo, a través de Chrome

Funciona en Windows y OSX, los navegadores son prácticamente los mismos.

(Google translate is your friend, via Chrome, works on windows and OSX, the browsers are virtually the same)

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I can no longer access the exam platform because I have taken them all.

If someone enters the web I need to see the questions to see if they are the same and if we agree to take the exam myself


I’m running Firefox on mbpro

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Why would you ?

Why would you not? Certainly wouldn’t use safari that’s for sure so it’s chrome or :fox_face: and the features and security of fox work brilliantly for me …

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Check out Brave if it’s security you’re after.

I am fine with how things are …thanks … each to their own

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Thank you for helping, when I can get out to Spain I was going to pay a translator to help, I’m desperate to get registered as I spend half the year in Spain and I really want to fly legally. Whereabouts in Spain are you?

Only trying to give a tip, Firefox is consistently slowest in all reviews

It’s not always about speed … I find it just the same speed wise as anything else … never noticed a difference between browser speed. its functionality is in my mind way better than chrome. Safari I simply refuse to use …always been crap at some point.

All depends on your use case … but fox :fox_face: perfect for me on Mac / windows / iPad and android phone …all nicely synced.