Those train windows, why? Harringworth Viaduct

So out again to try the new lens with different settings when this train just appears, I never heard it until it was in front of me. I suppose being 200M from the line didn’t help.
This is just a short clip and only worth posting because of the train, check out the reflection on the windows.


Loving the enhanced paralax the longer lens gives with the drone movement. :+1:

It certainly feels more cinematic, I don’t think I’d have tracked the train at such short notice if I’d have used the camera pan wheel; I was lucky.

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What’s wrong with the train windows? :thinking:

You can’t see inside, or am I missing something, all the trains I normally see are not one way windows?

Great capture. Are trains regular across the viaduct? Is this the line to Nottingham? Once again, great one.

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I believe it’s to Melton,I’m proud to say I’ve always missed the trains over this Viaduct so I might start checking the time table and especially when they have the Nene Valley steam train which I always miss.


Found out trains only on a Sunday whilst engineering works take place. East Midlands main line to Leicester.

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Heat reflecting glass, maybe?

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