Thought my bird was limited in altitude?

Out flying today at hayling island,thought i would take her up to max height of 500 ft just once,was holding stick up looking at my bird over head,and then suddenly realized when i looked at my screen she was nearly 800ft up!in shock i bought her straight down to 300ft. thought they were supposed to go no higher than 500ft max?

What’s your max altitude set at?

HI Mate, 500ft is the max it will accept in the settings?

Isn’t it 500m, not 500’?

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Yup - that was the limit for mine … 500m. :+1:

Right,i have mine set in feet,so basically it will go way over the legal limit,have now set my software to max of 400ft in settings!

500m, roughly 1600 feet… then mines stopped…;-( I have updated to 1.4.3 at the mo to try things out, but cant get dji assistant to recognise FW, even tried a factory reset… I will probs roll back, at some point, on a wee holiday @ Berwick so most probs GO4 while i am here. downloaded and installed Qgroundcontrol… still trying that out…