Tilt Shift effect Maryport Cumberland

Hi my first attempt at using a tilt shift filter on a drone video, i think i need more practice, maybe it is the wrong type of video not sure, but any comments good or bad, its the only way i can learn, thanks


hi, i posted it earlier, but message was moved to different topic about the steam train. My mum said years ago greggains offered the council do dredge the harbour for free, but was refused, think it was before the 80s, The steam train is being organised by pathfinders rail tours, not sure about exact times. But i have a red weather warning so might be to dangerious for me to get down. All the best and take good care

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Looked ok to me. :+1:

Love the tilt shift effect

Hi. I’ve been fascinated by tilt shift for years. I think you’ve done a great job. If that’s your first attempt, it’s amazing. Just throwing the background out of focus creates a great effect. Didn’t know lenses were available. Will there be one for my Mavic Pro?

i used power director 365 to make it, i used to try and do it when i had a slr camera, I think it trying to get the right or correct video for the effect, abit like hyperlapse you need movement. You can do the same effect tilt and shift with video or photos, Wonder what it would look like using an actual model railway. All the best

I presume this was achieved in post rather than using a tilt shift lens? Looks pretty good to me - good “model village effect”

You had a company called “power director 365” to make the filter/len for you?
I have a Nikon digital I’ve had for ages. Lusted after a tilt shift lens but the price was out of my range. If you could give me some idea of the cost, I could go for one or write the idea off.
Cheers. David.

sorry, i used video editing software called power director 365. What type of nikon do you have? you could try cex or facebook for a tilt shift lense

Sorry. I gave up on one for my Nikon a long time ago. I’m much more interested in trying it with my Mavic Pro. Maybe it’s not possible.

once you have filmed your scene, you can use video editing software to create the effect, also you can use a drone to help make 3d models, by making a time lapse of lets say a monument, getting alot of photos then using software to then merge it together, then find somone with a 3d printer, this is a very very basic explantion, but it is possible to do. Maybe in the future a feature of drones may happen like timelapse, i guess if there was a high enough interest drone makers may include this feature