Tilted horizon? How to adjust the camera gimbal on a Mavic Mini, Mini 2 and Mavic Air 2 in the DJI Fly app

Further to a recent thread about gimbal calibration I thought I’d share where DJI are hiding the settings in their Fly app.

If you’ve got a tilted horizon on your DJI Mavic Mini or Mavic Air 2 you can adjust the gimbal camera roll by going to:

Settings > Control > Gimbal Calibration

Then rather than the default Auto option, you need to choose Manual on this next screen:

You’ll then be taken to a screen with two options.

One to adjust the Horizontal and one to adjust the Yaw. You all also see two crosshair lines appear to help.

You can adjust both independently to plus or minus 10 in either direction.

Adjusting the Horizontal is the one you’ll need to fix your wonky horizon. Here’s the difference in angle when set to +10.0

And changing the Yaw to +10.0 will point the camera towards the right by quite a few degrees.

Hope this helps!


Thanks again Rich. When I looked online I couldn’t find anything on this so I’m sure others will find it useful too :+1:t2:


Very useful indeed. I couldn’t do this on my Mavic Air 1 without been able to see the blades. Needs to be tested next time I take it out.


Sure does, get this Teams meeting out of the way then i’ll move on to more important things, like the drone set up :+1:

Thought i would check my gimbal accuracy :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry if this is a stupid question but anyone know what could be causing this? Have recalibrated my gimbal a few times and still getting this on some shots.

Was the drone still when you took that ?


Is every shot like that @ResilienceUAV ? If so, follow this guide to alter your tilt.

If not, fire up a new thread in #questions-and-answers and we’ll get you sorted :slight_smile: