Tiny FPV car

From one of my birthday pressies …
The video reception suffers a bit at floor level but it was four rooms away from the goggles at that time


If you want one, find it here

If you get some toothpaste, you can draw a race track :+1:

The missus would kill me :scream:

I saw this on your what did i treat myself to today list… When Painless 360 reviewed it was tempted, and that price… oooohhh. How much fun you think will get out of it? Not a bad price, but damn did a big order with HRC yesterday should have added it! Chasing cats… Fun Fun!!!

Oooh @Steviegeek this work on carpet at all?

your getting as bad as captain drone. and that poor puddy cat frightened

I’m going to print tpu wheels for mine to see if it will drift better

Yes, moves across a thick wool rug OK, but battery needed a good charge :smile:

Love the cat’s reaction

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