Titts this morning

Well got out early again this morning 5 start dedicationšŸ‘



You e been reading the butterfly thread :rofl:
Nice shot!

Another one here for Mick @mickydd to go with the Wa*kworth Castle. What did your brain say this reservoir was called??

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Always smile when I say it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Beautiful shots!

Thanks @Boydey I do try lol

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It my Saturday walk,love the video.

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@jimvfrmoto750 really?

Yes love the area. Was not there this week due to other commitments.

Up with the lark Markā€¦good video.

Awww thanks @barryb not the best I aim for

Very nice what did you use to edit your footage?

Hi @WessexFlyer I use iMovie they are actually stills, the app gives the appearance that itā€™s moving give it a try itā€™s really good and easy to use