To the Committee

Reading through “Terms of Service” I thought perhaps further clarity might be applied to “Responsibilities of Contributors”, “you will not use our Websites to promote other drone flying clubs, groups, forums or web sites”. This statement dissected, I believe, could be interpreted to mean ‘not to promote other web sites’ and I don’t think that is intended, especially noting @Sparkyws comment in a June posting “Links are a must, it’s my pet hate when someone says look what I’ve treated myself too and nothing to click on :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

Not wishing to be pedantic or playing with semantics, but wondered if it may be reworded to read something like "you will not use our Websites to promote groups, forums or web sites that may be related/connected to other drone flying clubs.

I hope you will view this as a constructive comment.

I think you may have missed the aim of that sentence.

@PingSpike will correct me if I, too, misunderstand that sentence.

But, linking to another site isn’t, per se, “promoting” that site if the link is providing supporting information to a post of relevance to the discussion - whatever the nature of the site that’s linked, and whether it’s enabling another member to purchase something that’s “recommended”, “tried and tested” by a member.

We intercept plenty of “Spam” accounts/posts that never see the light of day that are promoting this, that, Viagra and the other. These being the most insidious forms of “promoting”.

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Ooohh, I’ve seen links to youtube pages and facebook groups (which could be classed as groups, etc), I’ve definitely linked to another group I frequent in the past… Damn me agreeing to T&Cs having not read them!!

Whilst I am not on the committee - usually these lines are there to protect the owner and to avoid abuse.

Common sense should always come into play.

Spam any group or website and expect to see the exit sign rather rapidly.

Don’t abuse what you enjoy!

@OzoneVibe I don’t think I have missed the aim of that sentence, as I don’t believe there are many groups or forums out there with malicious intent (twitter excepted, perhaps! :zipper_mouth_face: :grin:).
As stated I don’t wish to get involved in semantics but the purpose of suggesting an amendment is to clarify, my believe being, the intention of the statement. I really only quoted @Sparkyws comment as an example of a suggested ‘promotion’. There are many other promotion links on the website. All intended to be and are helpful. We must not of course discourage their continuance. But surely any link to a website (with an item for sale) is a promotion, by definition, whether intended to be or not. The sentence as it stands prohibits any mention of “other drone flying clubs, groups, forums or web sites”. I, indeed, have added such a link to a posting. Am I breaking the rules as written?
In my previous comment I was only suggesting a reword in an attempt to clarify, for new members, that ‘promote other’ ‘web sites’ only really refers to ‘drone flying clubs’ and not necessarily groups, forums or web sites in general, as demonstrated by Sparkyws comment.
However, that aside, I along with, I’m sure, other members of the forum, whole heartily commend you and your colleagues for intercepting insidious or otherwise, “Spam” postings.