Today I learnt a lesson to always carry spare underwear

Ok, so the truth is, I got excited when I saw some kayakers, lost VLOS for just a minute and this happened.

Lost signal on DJI fly because of the interference so was convinced it had crashed, then it came back in and somehow I managed a second pass without crashing and I can honestly say, no matter how cool the kayakers are I will never lose VLOS again!!

Beyond :poop: :poop: :poop:


In-flight recharging?


Did come back with 150% :exploding_head:


Result! :+1:


Not even worth it for the level my heart rate went up to


Wow lucky guy lol! Almost worthy of the Ass clencher badge :scream: glad it worked out for you though :facepunch:t4:


Felt like FPV rewatching :joy:

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That needs a ‘Jammy Bastard’ badge.


Poper Jammy get the lottery on!
Did the obstacle avoidance stop it from hitting the cables?
It seemed to follow the same path back, was that the return to home?


Mini 2 so only the bottom sensors. Luck and panic avoided the rest.

The RTH didn’t cut in immediately which was annoying when I got signal back I started moving it and then it kicked in and raised straight up

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Duh…should have read the post!!
I have a Mini 2 also, Glad yours that it didn’t get fried!! and lives for another day
Good video of the nearly!

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Wow that was a close call, my heart’s racing just from watching it!!!


I did manage to get some nice footage despite this, will get around to editing it properly tomorrow.

Makes it all worth while


That’s one not to repeat. I say that have watching three times lol. Glad it ended well for you.

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We need a new catchphrase, Should have gone to Dronescene :joy:

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OMG That was a close one !

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Flash, bang…blackout …explain that to the insurance company :rofl:

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I did before hand abs the priory was ok to fly, it’s the kayakers fault really :joy:

I’m genuinely curious if it would cause this, my guess is more likely that my drone will just spin out of control on collision and crash and the cables would be unscathed

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…I’m genuinely curious if it would cause this,"…

I had a glider hang up on a power line…nothing happened…I rather expect the UAV would hang there for evermore if you were unlucky.

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That was my thought, doubt I’d be ballsy enough to call Southern Electric to ask them to retrieve :sweat_smile: