Today is the day - hello from Aveley, Essex

Hi everyone. So excited today, because my Mavic
Air 2 is arriving. Brand new to this hobby, will
update you all on my progress.


Hi John and welcome to GADC.

Hi and welcome from Eastwood in Essex

Hello :wave:

Look forward to some shot of the QE2 bridge and docks round there. Always beautiful at sunset/sunrise round there! How you finding you MA2?!

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Hi, I flew it for the first time yesterday. I took it really easy and practiced take offs and landings.
I flew around in Davy Down well away from structures and people as the regs require. I only managed about 25 mins, as being a complete novice reminded me of learning to drive. I really loved the experience, and will get more flying time in during the coming weeks.i will post some vids as and when I gain some experience. All the best.