Today’s pano - viaduct and race track

Took at trip to the local go kart racing track (obviously not in use today) and Welland Viaduct which is a sphere impressive 82 arches. Somewhat difficult to do it justice, but hopefully the pano gives you an idea of the scale.

I’ll have a short video to follow soon…


And the Welland viaduct video. Not particularly dramatic as I found it quite difficult with such a massive structure, but its all a good learning experience.


That is one hell of a piece of engineering eh? Did you grab a Hanger360 of that one?

82 arches - incredible :slight_smile:

Love the go-kart track pano-sphere picture too :+1:

Great footage, Welland Viaduct is local for me; I hope this year I’ll get some footage of the Nene Valley steam train run which usually runs around July time think.

Thanks. It’s a nice spot to film and I will definitely head back when the sun is out, perhaps with a sunset which would look fantastic.

Really Nice Images @Jcborden You would never think it was only weeks before 2018 by these stunning shots.