Today’s tiny planet picture

Bit of fun this morning…

Captured using the new pano mode and stitched in PTGui.



Going by the surrounding buildings, you were ‘in the decay’ again :smiley:

What are/were all the black squares on the floor?

And don’t say graves… :ghost:

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Yes and my final trip there for a while (and no video today).

The concrete squares just make up the main parade ground. It really is quite an amazing place, well what’s left of it. I don’t think anyone buried ther :slight_smile:

I’m finding that quite a lot of my panos are very blown out, even when using auto exposure which I would have thought should work well.

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Stunning Image @Jcborden I knew were it was as Soon as I click on it.

I think the Auto exposure my not be able to keep up with the speed the camera shots at to form a Sphere .Its pushing the camera to extreme, doing so much in a shot time.

I would test with Manual exposure and maybe a CPL filter if you have one.

Edited to Add :Circular Polarising Filter

You are probably right, the one I posted here was the only one done with manual exposure and turned out better than the others. Its tricky though since going round completely on a bright day causes some very bright/dark areas.

I don’t have any CPS filters (yet) just ND. Is it a pain to line up the CPL?

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The CPL fillers are so cheap on Amazon For the Mavic Pro

And no you just fit it to the lens then and view it through the app. you do this on the ground - point it at a car widescreen and twist it until the polarised dots clear from the windscreen you will see how easy it is .

Great thanks. Will look at getting a set!

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You Only Need One

There stunning if your shot over water as the take the refection of water and glass just a trick of the lens but very effective they also enrich the Colour by twisting the lens flitter you can increes or decrees the effectiveness

Just Make sure you support the Gimble as you move the filter

So it’s used in place of an ND? I’ve seen sets of combined ND/CPL or would the CPL just be used for photos?

You Got It I works with Video too And PANO Any thing you see through the lens

Say you have the children look at you from inside the house but the glass has lot of reflections The CPL Filter can remove the Refection and you get a clearer view of through the Glass Or A Car Window if you were shooting say A Wedding Car Passing by.

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Hi. Looks fab. How do you do that with a Mavic? Take a pano then use the software? (Not used pano yet)

This was Posted today On GADC

I hope it Help @smeacham

I like and use

Its on the apple app store the MINI one is free but you limited to stitching 5 Image

The Full version is Stunning and If I remember. about £9 for the Full version

While I looked for the above YOUTUBE Video anther ran right after the above on and it have some good items the give advice on SUN Flares .So I thought I would add it to the thread .

Tips from videos are alway worth a Look If you have the time.

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I asked James If he Would Allow my to do a slight edit to His "Bit of Fun This Morning Tiny Planet

And this is/was the result

*Many thanks James Its a Very Interesting Place "In The Decay Tiny Planet"

*Your able to click on the Image to Zoom in more than once.

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I have Posted this On The Forum But This Is One you might like to bookmark