Todays pleasure flight Camera disconect mid-flight

Well over the last week ive been having a few issues with my drones camera disconecting whilst in mid flight. never done it before the last dji go update and now seems to have rendered the drone useless to fly at least with the ipad 2 mini 2nd generation. I did try it with the iphone xr and conected straight away so its either an ios issue or a dji go app issue ? The firmware and controller are all up to date so at a loss. Issues on the phantom 3 pro. Ive sent an email to support at dji see what they come up with !anyway todays offering from near my mates house in south yorkshire.


Nice shots, your iPad is an old one, is it still on the supported list for GO ?

*edit, I don’t think it is :frowning:

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its the software chris i cant get litchi to work either for some reason. the firmware hasnt changed its only the dji go thats updated. ive got to think long and hard as to whether i want to purchase another tablet or use my iphone xr !

Yeah that’s what I meant, your mini 2 is not on the recommended devices list for either Litchi or DJIGO4.

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im using dji go 3 not 4 ? anyway i will use the phone if needed just seems strange how after the last update this started to happen! and the support over on the dji forum is less than useless a mod told me to try change location to see if the camera switching off would stop ? really?

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hi ya chris just looked at the compatibility list and the ipad mini 2nd gen is there so at least i need to ask questions as to why its not working? be rude not to ! other than that i am stuck with my phone im afraid.