Toppert Common - Added to Parks & Recreation in the Yorkshire & the Humber region on the map at

I have has just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at

Lovely high point over looking Worsbrough Reservoir. Steepish drop off,
unconcerned dog walkers.
Four ish miles los.
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Easy to get to / park up?

Eyup PingSpike,
At that exact point (red marker) not really. At the far end (50yds further on, grass parking (yellow box) and plenty of streets within a stones throw, so overall yes.

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Cheers mate, thanks for the details! I’ll add this one to my ‘wannafly’ list :+1:

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This tower is just behind the yellow box. Have been using it to practice POI. It’s totally enclosed with no public access, so no chance of dropping on somebody’s head. :-):+1:


Wow :open_mouth:

That looks absolutely amazing!!

What’s the history behind it, do you know??

I’ve now bumped this even higher up my wannafly list :smiley: