Tower Bridge drone code violations - Is it me?

Does this video - definitely NOT one of mine! - consist entirely of drone code violations?



Let’s leave it for the authorities, drone police we are not and the chap may well have had permission :thinking:


No, of course not your honour…


Yes, I wasn’t proposing an intervention. I was just a bit (too easily) surprised.

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And my cocks a kipper !.
“Who me Constable, not on your life!”
“Pass the Salt N Vinegar !”


Wtf just a bit and to top it off stretches of the themes are dedicated heli routes as low as 300ft I’m sure it will be investigated by relevant authority’s lmao :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Bit busy near the bridge lol

How can you assume that? I mean come on, they’re clearly a professional media company as shown by the old nokia phone in their channel logo, and previous uploads of skate park footage! Being a professional media company, of course they had all relevant insurances and permissions silly!!!

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That’s what I put on his comments. I said there’s probably more drone code violations than I can shake a stick at, but I’m not the drone police, nice video.

He’s just replied to me, he says he admits that “the shots were not wise at all, but we all live and learn by our mistakes”and he’s had tons of messages telling him about his violation. I replied that we are not in a police state (yet) but people do get excited by drone footage and flying that they turn into judge jury and executioner.

Better to beg forgiveness rather than seek permission.

Good video


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Great video TG but a bit too short.
Seems busy enough for lockdown - our town is deserted!

Really like the footage. It is violating several code elements but I felt the risks looked fairly small. I agree with @milkmanchris, better to seek forgiveness

Copied from their facebook page “Film producer based in South East London. Focusing on Short films/Advertisement/Business and music videos.” So if he did not get permision. He or she will be easily tracked down.

It’s on Facebook, so he must be legit!!
I’d be tempted to do a free search for his pfco or companies house if he’s a proper Ltd company, most professional film makers will be a Ltd company and VAT registered if they wish to to business.
I would have thought…and I could very well be wrong…
A. The video to have been a lot better for someone wanting to advertise/promote their business, it seems a bit amateurish.
B. To have been a far better choice of subject to be flying over, to stay within the law if he’s wanting to promote his business.

If that was filmed using a Mavic Air, how did he manage to get it off the ground in a NFZ?

It’s not in a DJI NFZ. That’s how.
This thread from earlier today explains.


As you can see it not a nfz!!!

Right I had not checked. I see on the NATS App it is a Restricted Zone and a Controlled Traffic Region. I didn’t think it was possible to take off there without override. I have never done it so wouldn’t know!

That’s really scary footage on the London Heli Route. I have flown part of it (in a helicopter) and it is pretty much a 2 man job as one has to fly while the other operates the radio. Scary enough making sure you are doing what you are told without wondering if f***kwits like this are operating a drone in your path.