Trackr location tags very cheap in TK Maxx

I have no idea how well these will work on a drone but I’ve picked up a 5-pack of the Trackr pixel to try for £9.99 in TK Maxx Lancaster. There were about 10 packs on the rail and could well be in every store.

Hi Doodler, not good reviews on Amazon i’m afraid, I had similar one, looks the same but different name, app crashes, battery lasted about a month, probably made by same Chinese company… sent it back and got the TILE instead as they have thousands around you so if out of range someone else may trigger it, the cheap one I had never found anyone else using one… but difference in price, TILE now do the plus version, 50m which I splashed out on, works faultlessly so would recommend.
I thought best to say in case you rely on it to find your lost drone, i doubt you would with that one, also says works with Alexa, only in USA apparently, but be interested to know if you do get it working properly as they sound cheap. Cheers

Thanks @Malcy, I’m not expecting that much from them but for that price, worth a try even if it’s to find my keys around the house :joy: I’ve enabled notifications which alert me when someone else’s phone detects them so I’ll get an idea whether I should have bought a round of drinks instead with the money.

To be honest these Bluetooth trackers are rather a waste of money. The range is just to small and the chances of anyone ‘finding’ them is slim _ I know I lost my car keys in a car park. To date not found :frowning:

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Yes agreed, I now have the buzzer finder one that starts up after a “knock / crash” bleep is really loud and flashing LED when night time to help find it…
The TILE I bought is the better one, many people have them so it helps if you make it globally find-able, it also has 50m range which is three times normal so a bit better chance, anymore and it will be to heavy to take of…haha… they are actually about 6 gms each… but do many people wander around in the middle of nowhere or up a tree… :smile: