Transferring files


Hi guys,
How do you transfer files from internal memory and SD card onto an iPad?

I have a Mavic Air and will be using my iPhone whilst flying but using my iPad for editing, so is it a case of using an iPad card reader or is there a direct way of transferring using WiFi or USB? I’m just exploring different options at the minute and like to hear your opinions.



while the drone,controller and ipad are all still hooked up,go into dji go 4 and tap editor and go into album option at the top,click the download icon (top left) this should give you acces to select files stored on the onboard sd card.


Oh right cheers, it seams easy enough, my drone isn’t turning up till next week and I’m itching get get out and play lol


No probs,it works for 1080p 4k files will need a wired connection from drone to Ipad as they’re huge.


I’m guessing you need a usb adaptor to plug the drone into the iPad? I’ll get one ordered ASAP cheers


Files will download to iPad over your home WiFi, you don’t necessarily need a USB cable or adapter. The card reader won’t work to download files from card to iPad//iphone.


I’m using either my iPhone X or iPad Pro 10.5”
I bought a lightning to micro sd Card lead off Amazon.
It works every time, download time from card to device is ok, Only issue I have is available storage on the device or in iCloud.
I usually view files on my iPad then transfer via home WiFi to a large storage device connected to my router.
Works fine


That’s what I’ve ordered @mickydd so should be ok, I do have iCloud subscription already but if that fills up to easily I will get a network hdd as well, they are cheap enough these days for a couple of TB. Cheers mate


I use a card reader to download onto my iPad


Never worked for me. If your video files are in 4k and your iDevice isn’t 4k compatible it seems to refuse to do it.


It’s a file compatibility issue. It’ll download from my dslr with no problem due to the file type. Maybe there’s different card readers


I’ve bought a card reader for £13 from amazon and I have an iPad Pro 12.9 which should be able handle 4K, so if it doesn’t work it’ll probably be because of the card reader. It has a usb connection on it aswell so that might work. :crossed_fingers:


We await the results :crossed_fingers:


You and me both mate. :thinking: Hopefully weather will be ok this weekend.


Don’t hold your breath


I’m not. I keep checking weather app and it’s not changing. :rage: Just been an optimist lol


I just got myself a card reader in Delhi for £1 and does a perfect job putting the files I want from the micro sd card in the drone onto my laptop, I am using Android and Windows. I seem to have less problems than the guys using Apple.