Transmitter Battery - healthy or not?

I have a s/hand MP, bought in December. Had a couple of years experience on another one before that.
Not flown since Christmas, what with awful weather, other stuff to do, and now the lockdown.
I suddenly thought today I should check the batteries - the flight batts are fine, sitting at their stabilised level, but the TX battery was down to 17%.
It’s on charge right now and coming back up, in the 90% range now, but I’m wondering if it’s going to be OK having discharged itself so far. Any thoughts?
I did wonder about the batteries on this as the MP seemed to be a sort of spare one the seller had, judging by words marked on the boxes, and the TX battery was a bit low when it arrived…
If the TX batt does die, is it a DIY job to replace it?

My MP’s RC battery does slowly waste. Yesterday it was down to 45% after being charged about 4 or 5 weeks ago … from memory.

It was the same from new, too.

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the dji batteries tend to discharge to protect the batteries, hopefully that is the problem, you will just have to monitor it. I hope everything is ok with it


The drone batteries themselves have a scheduled discharge, yes … but not the Remote Control batteries
There is no scheduled discharge function on those.

Don’t own a DJI, but I think most drone transmitter batteries are Li-ion not Li-po so are much more forgiving of being left in a discharged or fully charged state.


Yes, the flight batteries are still at their set discharge level so they are fine.
Sounds like the TX batt should be OK too, it’s back up to 100% now, thanks everyone.

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I’ve opened up my MP1 transmitter to add antenna cabling for LR antenna pack.
It’s not easy, but do able, to split the case without damage and it’s very packed inside.
The battery is buried at bottom.
What I’m trying to say is, Yes it should be replacable but needs great care and probably some experience of doing this sort of work before


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I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about.

According to DJI the battery uses a Lithium Ion chemistry, viz Lithium-ion Polymer. This means the battery can be discharged to a much lower value before any internal damage occurs, typically 2.5Volt. It also more than likely has a very low C rating as it only needs to supply a few hundred milliAmps of current to the remote.



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Hadn’t used my Mavic pro since last year. Went to it a couple of weeks ago and the RC didn’t show any charge at all. Put it on charge, went to 100% and it’s been oK since, so don’t worry. Use it and see if it holds it’s charge next time.

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Thanks Rafter and all. Yeah, ‘use it’ would be good, all this lovely weather, pure clear clean air for great photography, and can’t take advantage. Ho hum.