Transport Interchange

The bus station to the left of picture sees around 850 bus and 70 coach departures daily. The station is the terminus for the Portsmouth to Waterloo line operated by South Western.

Two Wightlink FastCat ferries are moored at the station; they make the crossing to Ryde (Isle of Wight) in 22 minutes. A traditional ferry for passengers and vehicles is moored to a floating platform. If makes the journey to Fishbourne IoW in 45 minutes. Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth’s prestige shopping and entertainment complex lies between the station and the 170m tall Emirates Spinnaker Tower. The topmost viewing deck is 105m above the ground


Bloody hell! That area has changed since I was last there Rob. Does the Gosport Ferry still dock at the pontoon to the left of the SeaCat Ferries?

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When were you last there? The Tower was started in 2001. I have a warped view of time - to me events from around 1995 to the present feel almost contemporary, telescoped into about an eight-year span . Strangely enough the last time I was at the Tower, in about 2008, was for a photographic competition. But we are looking at 19 years since work on the tower began.

In answer to your question, yes the ferry does dock there. This screen grab shows it buggering off toward Turk Town before I started taking pictures of the Tower.

If you view full size you can see the name of the station on the side and the Gosport Ferry sign on the landing stage

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Would have been 1993 when I journeyed south from Faslane to do my “submarine escape” training re-qualifcation at the SETT in HMS Dolphin.

And the SETT was made a Grade II listed building in 2013. Feeling old yet? :slight_smile:

Next time you are down:

Just a bit. . . :joy:

Having one of the subs I served on as a museum piece at Chatham Dockyard doesn’t help either. :wink:

Was based at Dolphin on and off from 1978 to around Mid 1986. It was during that time they moved the Submarine Museum from inside HMS Dolphin to its present location at the top of Haslar Creek. Remember watching them construction the cradle for the Alliance, missed them actually lifting her out of the water as we were out on patrol at the time.

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Great picture Rob, I was going to say you missed one being the world famous Gosport Ferry. :+1::grin: