Travelling to Newhaven

Hi Guys,
I’m Norfolk based and have a couple of days away in Newhaven/Brighton area Monday and Tuesday.
Are there any “must drone” spots as the wind is looking very kind :slight_smile:
Ive spotted the Ouse Valley Viaduct to stop on way down or way back, would love to fly near the Seven sisters but looking for any local advise please.

Thanks in advance

Hi Amanda

The Ouse viaduct is a great spot but a bit of a warning. I was there a couple of weeks ago and clearly the farmer / locals are a bit fed up with drones as you can see from the sign below.

There is a field with footpath on the other side of the road which is where I flew from. No signs! You need to be at that distance to get the whole viaduct in. By the way, there are loads of trains using the viaduct (at least every 10 minutes) so if you want a shot with a train you don’t need to wait long.

I know the farmer cannot stop you flying over the field, as long as in the drone code, but I just wasn’t interested in the hassle as there are houses very close.

Do make sure you go on the footpath under the viaduct with your camera, as the arches make for Some great shots.


Thanks Brian, You don’t need to go that close as to need that gate I don’t think. Your shot above proves that :slight_smile:
After flying in France last week and local threatening to shoot my drone down… I will be wary.
Any other areas you can think of ?

Best wishes