Travels with my Mavic - Episode 4 - Colts Hill to Odiham - No Fly Zone!

Not sure if this is the place for this…I set out with good intentions to fly the Drone having seen some lovely aerials of Odiham Castle but the Chinooks were out in force from RAF Odiham so there was no chance of getting Mavic out.

I documented the trip anyway and tested out my Canon C100 MKii for Slo-mo and the results look ok! So although it was a No Fly Zone, I managed to get a nice video of the canal…



Absolutely stunning video mate, really wish I had your talent with editing, so professionally done. Massive thumbs up. :+1:t4:


Wow, that video editing is brilliantly done. What software do you use please? Hugely impressed :+1:

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Just saw the description in YouTube! Final Cut Pro (and others)!

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Thank you! Still reasonably new to editing and video, learned most of it from YouTube, next time its back to the Mavic!! Does help when you have some nice kit though…

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I’ve just installed Camtasia (Techsmith) on my new home pc as I have a licensed copy with work on my laptop but it’s never been able to process 4k files. I used the same license key (you’re allowed to install on two devices) and the pc will be better for work stuff anyway…

Low and behold, it’s got a load of features I didn’t know about including far more sophisticated captions, transitions, effects etc. so hopefully future vids can start to look as impressive as yours. Was previously using Openshot Pro but it’s pretty limited in comparison. Cheers for the inspiration :+1:

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You’re welcome Lozzer, I look forward to seeing the results. Davinci Resolve is a professional and free edit suite which works with 4K footage too, worth checking out!

All the best

Some have it, most of us are trying to find it, but you have it in abundance, what a great short story loved it thank you for sharing :sunglasses::ok_hand:


Just had this on my Youtube channel from ATC at Odiham, always worth phoning ahead, makes sense to do it right and avoid unnecessary problems. Lets keep our hobby safe!

Stumbled across your footage and it’s brilliant. I live in Odiham and am a Controller in Odiham ATC, nice to see someone who knows to phone ahead first, this video is good knowledge for me as I didn’t know how far the geofencing stretched and it’s technology far beyond my knowledge, unfortunately the MATZ stretches out quite far about 5 nautical mile radius centred on the runway. Drones would get some lovely footage but with the nature of chinooks the base is always active! Hope to see some more videos soon!

Always take my kids down the canal as it’s a lovely walk, and some kind fishermen let them have a go as well!

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