Trebarwith, North Cornwall

Spent a few days in Trebarwith last week. There was some sunny weather and it wasn’t too windy, but it happened to coincide with neap tides so the usually large, sandy beach was almost completely inaccessible even at low tide. A colourful sunset in the evening.


@stevenjball1 OMG I spent holidays there with my parents so 1966_68 and we stayed in a cottage which is on your video …it’s the one where the van is on the stone bridge and has a porch …a stream runs down the street to the sea …I’m sure the building next to the cottage was a pub …we travelled from Newcastle in a ford consul and had to camp overnight on the way down …if I remember right the rock is called Bass rock ?

@Sandbagger Glad this brought back some memories for you. We stayed in the larger Cumbrae House next door. I believe the smaller property is now called Cumbrae Cottage. The van parked on the bridge is kitted out to make fresh coffee and can often be found in the corner of the upper car park doing a brisk trade. I believe the owners live in the cottage.

My parents stayed in Cumbrae House, which was then a guest house run by a retired Met Police officer and his wife, for their honeymoon in 1960. They found that it was available as a holiday let and rented it for a week 60 years later and several family members joined them. That was a year ago and we did similar this year. The property is for sale asking price £1.1m, with an estate agents board suggesting that a sale has been agreed.

The Ordnance Survey map suggests says that the rock is called Gull Rock, but these things often have several names. Sometimes the one preferred locally isn’t the ‘official’ name, so you may well be right.

The only pub in the village now is is the Port William, which sits at a slightly elevated position to he left of the road as you go towards the sea. On a nice summers evening, the pub garden would be hard to beat, but there are some astonishing videos on YouTube of the same location during a winter storm.

I think there has been a lot of development in the village since the 60s, so no doubt things have changed a lot. Still a popular destination for tourists.

Bass rock is in Scotland firth of forth ( wrong holiday ) …there may have been some changes but looks like that cottage hasn’t changed …I remember the beach was quite large we were there when the oil tanker had a spill Tori canyon or something like that and I recall huge waves at the bottom of the road when the sea was rough …happy days