Tree gaps

Just getting to grips with my new Betafpv 95x

Excuse the flashing ‘link quality’ message - I need to switch that off. Also haven’t worked out a way of mounting a HD cam in a way I’m happy with yet, so it’s just goggle DVR footage for now. Loads of vibration and ‘jello’ in the FPV cam, but there’s a nice soft mount for the HD cam so I’m hoping that should be lovely and smooth once I sort it out.

Really enjoying this different flying style compared to cruising around open fields at 80kph (which is also a lot of fun).


Good stuff …I fly a moblite 7 and a DJI mini . Yes I agree flying diff style is v enjoyable :blush::+1:t2:

Managed to get the Runcam onto the soft mount

It’s probably at the limit of what this is supposed to carry in terms of weight, but the footage seems smooth enough for some nice gentle whooping through trees and over bluebells, which is what I was after. Just a shame that the vtx on this thing is so utterly pants. I was hoping I was wrong that the first thing you need to do on every new quad is drop a TBS Unify into it, but it looks like that’s what I’m going to have to do :roll_eyes: