Trench running

Glorious day to be up in the dales yesterday.

This went better than expected, but still reached its inevitable conclusion. :laughing:

The last time we visited, the reservoir looked like this :point_down: (this is actually Scar, the one below) and there was a sheep stuck in the sluiceway, which was dry at the time. No such luck yesterday. :grin:


Fair play to you, the fact it had water in it makes it epically more sketchy.

You might want to keep a plastic box in your car with silica gel in it. If you get something wet, toss it in the box and it will suck all the water out of it. Then microwave the silica gel to get rid of the moisture from it. Then it’s ready for reuse. :slight_smile:

Or just get your passenger to hold it next to the aircon on the way home.

Either way a rinse with iso is a good idea.

It was a scorcher yesterday and in truth it was probably fine by the time we got home. I’ll see about giving it some after-care. I note one leg of the battery cap has come loose.

That was brave Jez flying those trenches full of water, nice job mate :star_struck: