Trip to North Wales

mavic 2 pro


Some of that must be the lowest “frame rate” video posted here. :wink:

Nicely done, though. :+1:

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They are mostly photos in iMovie


Nothing wrong with that. Make an interesting change.

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Looks a lot better on YouTube 4k

It was only giving me up to 1080 as options on YT.

Photos or video, that is an amazing vid… what frame rate did you have it set at?

Nicely done. I was in Llandudno last week and it was to windy to fly anywhere!

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Really Nice combination of stills and video.
Give me anywhere with hills/mountains and I am made !.
Well done Paul !

The video was a 4K 30
The video was created in iMovie the zoom in the pictures was done by using ken burns

Cheers :sunglasses: